Classy Pedicure - $35

All our pedicure services are offered in a Pedi-In-A-Box with single use individualized packages for each product to preserve freshness and sanitization.  Treatment includes trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle care, callus treatment, foot exfoliation and scrub, followed by a relaxing leg and foot massage, then toe nails polished to perfection.

Polished Pedicure - $45

This is our ultra moisturizing pedicure. We wrap your feet in paraffin wax enriched with vitamin E and Coco Oil for deep skin conditioning. The paraffin therapeutic heat wrap helps increase circulation and relieve the sore muscles in your feet. This treatment includes an aromatherapy neck wrap to relax your upper body and all the relaxing treatment of the Chic Pedicure.

Aroma-Collagen Pedicure - $55

Experience the ultimate facial treatment for your feet.  This is a fresh, antiaging and natural pedicure service with single use packaging available in selected aromatherapy collection to sooth your mood and senses.  The Aroma-Collagen pedicure starts with an all-natural sea salt soak to detoxify, then moisture scrub to exfoliate follow with a mud masque to cleanse and tighten the pores. Of course it includes a massage and hot towel wrap to hydrate and soothe deep tissue in the skin.  Before we complete the pedicure with perfectly polished toes, you will get a collagen foot mask treatment with collagen and vitamin E to penetrate and moisturize the skin to its youthful glow.  Paraben Free. Triclosan Free.  Vegan Spa. Cruelty Free.

Calming CBD Pedicure – $65

The Calming CBD Pedicure is infused with hemp, CBD and organic ingredients to help alleviate areas of soreness and discomfort from arthritis, inflammation, muscle and joint pain.    The Calming CBD pedicure starts with a powerful, yet gentle detoxifying Dead Sea Soak follow with a luxurious CBD oil infused sugar and rice scrub to leave you skin soft and glowing.  After exfoliation and hot towel treatment, we will lavish on clay-based mask on your legs and feet to draw out impurities and promote radiant, healthy looking skin.  This soothing pedicure includes our signature collagen foot treatment follow by tingling mint cream massage and our special selected CBD massage oil.  Safe and natural ingredients.  No Parabens.  No Sulfates. No Phthalates.  No Triclosan.  No Mineral Oil. Gluten-Free. No Ethanol. No Benzophenone. No Talc. No GMOs. No Microbeans.

Princess Pedicure - $20

For the divas in-training.
Includes all the Classy Pedicure service for children 10 and under.

Natural Nail Care

NOTE: Additional charges will be applied for French, American Manicure Design or other Nail Art Designs. Polished Nails Salon also features Holiday designs and personalized designs for your aesthetic taste.

Get your nails polished to give you a quick new look.
Polish Charge - Hands $10, Toes $10

Includes trim, shape, buff and a color of your choice.

French Polish - Hands $12, Toes $12

Includes trim, shape, buff and a color of your choice.

Kids (10 & younger) - Hands $5, Toes $5

Includes trim, shape, buff and a color of your choice.

Classy Manicure - $20

Includes trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle care, relaxing hand and arm massage, and fingernails polished to perfection.

Polished Manicure - $25

Includes trimming, shaping, buffing, and cuticle care. We exfoliate your arms and hands with white sand sea scrub for younger and softer skin. The service features a hot towel wrap and therapeutic paraffin treatment, followed by a polish of your choice

GelManicure - $35

GelManicure is a hybrid of gel & polish technologies to give your natural nails a strong, glossy, and long lasting polished look up to two weeks. No chipping. No smudging. No drying time. GelManicure is a perfect alternative for clients who are allergic to acrylic, glue, primer or those who do not want to wear artificial nails. The gel lacquer acts as a shield to protect your natural nails, while allowing your natural nails to continue to grow under the gel polish. Gel polishes available in SHELLAC, OPI and GELISH.

Princess GelManicure - $25

Princess manicure and gel polish application for instant dry time for our busy divas in-training 10 and under.

Nail Enhancement

Not everyone is born with beautiful hands and nails,
it’s a good thing you can buy them!

With a variety of nail enhancements, it is easy to find the right one to fit your look and lifestyle.

Polished Dip - $40+

This nail enhancement is a healthier way to treat your nails. Polished Dip has no odor, no liquid, no primer or UV light exposure. Polished Dip is infused with 5 different kinds of vitamins & calcium to help keep your nails healthy & strong.

Regular Acrylic Full Set - $35+
Colored Acrylic Full Set - $55+
Pink & White Ombre - $60+
Ombre Full Set - $60+


All nail enhancements require regular maintenance to ensure healthy and beautiful nails. (2-3 weeks).

Repair - $5 & up
Regular Acrylic Fill - $25
Colored Acrylic Fill - $40+

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