A Polished Life awaits you at Polished Nail Salon.

We are a clean, chic and creative luxury nail salon.  Our purpose is to provide you with a safe and comfortable retreat for you to get pampered and polished, if only for a day.


Polished Nail Salon practices the highest standards in salon hygiene and sanitation in our industry. We use new disposable one-time use manicure and pedicure kits with every service we provide, such as files, buffers, pumice bars and etc.

Polished focuses on your health and safety by enforcing rigorous sterilization and sanitation practices after each client’s service and again at the end of the day. All implements are scrubbed with antibacterial soap and rinsed with hot water.  The cleaned implements are then soaked in EPA registered disinfectant germicide solution (wet sanitizer).  Finally, we rinse and dry the tools, then place in the UV sterilization system (dry sanitizer).  We only use sanitized and sterilized tools from the UV sterilizer for each customer.  During the client’s service, the implements are soaked in a wet sanitizer cup to further prevent bacteria build up.

Finally, we rinse and dry the implements, then sterilize implements in state of the art medical grade dry heat sterilizer. The implements are then stored in a sterilized and sealed pouch. We open a new sterilized pouch for each client.  

Your health and safety is our #1 priority.  Prior to soaking our client’s feet in the pedi tub bath, we disinfect the water with EPA approved sani-tablet to kill the bacteria and fungus commonly found in spa water and eliminate cross contaminations. You will feel safe in our pedicure chairs, which incorporate pipeless whirlpool technology designed to utilize new clean water for each use.  There are no pipes that can collect stagnant water and bacteria, thereby significantly reducing the risk of infections and diseases that can be caused by contaminated pedicure chairs.   All pedicure chair basins are covered with Silver Nano Techonology to kill 99% of germs and eliminate bacterial build up.  As part of our rigorous sterilization and sanitation practices, we thoroughly disinfect the pedicure bowls after each client by using EPA hospital grade disinfectant, bactericide, and fungicide and virucide.


We want all our clients to be happy with their services and experience every time! We offer a 7-Day Guarantee on Gel and Acrylic services. If your color chips, fades, lift or other defects within 7 days of your gel or acrylic service, then call us to let us know and to make an appointment to get it fixed at no cost to you. We encourage clients to let us know of any unsatisfactory experience or services before leaving the salon so that we can have the opportunity to make it right. Please don’t hesitate to call us that is more comfortable and convenience. We want you to be happy with our services and to have a great Polished experience.


Polished Nail Salon owners believe in continual investments into Polished Nail Salons to stay ahead and set standards in the nails industry. Polished only use high quality products. We only hired experienced and licensed professionals and provide continuous education in the most up-to-date technology and products in the nail care industry. Polished always offer the latest and fashionable nail colors, nail tools and equipment in the market. We believe in providing the best and safest products and services to our clients and staff.


Team Polished embraces family and community support. We understand that our success is largely due to the support of our local community patronizing our services. Polished fosters the spirit of giving back to the community and paying forward. We are proud to be the go to business should any school, church, or charity organization need our support, big or small.


Polished Nail Salon strives to achieve the highest standard in Pedicures, Manicures, Artificial Nails, Nail Art & Design, Waxing and Facials with quality products, sanitation, and exemplary customer service. At Polished Nail Salon, sanitation is of upmost importance along with client care.